New Litter Announcements

The litters will appear in order of date of birth with the newest to the top of the page.  The listing will run for approximately 90 days from the date of birth but is not an indication of the availability of any litter puppies listed.  Return often for updates and new announcements.

Austrralian Labradoodle
Rivermist Labradoodles announces the mini litter of Remmie
Sire: Rivermist Lil Chase
Dam: Rivermist Remmie
Date of Birth: 2-18-2015
Puppies: 4 total
              3 boys
              1 girl
Size: Very small mini's
Coats: Fleece
Color: Red to apricot some with white markings.
Austrlian Labradoodle Puppies
Rivermist Labradoodles is seeing spots
Dam: Rivermist Gwennie
Sire: Primetine's Heza Jim Dandy
Born: February 10th, 2015
Color: Choc and white parti's
Puppies:  5 total
Coats: Fleece little curl to curly
Size: mini to medium
Connie  509-427-4810
Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Rivermist Labradoodles announces
Dam: Rivermist Kendal
Sire: Sun valley's Brennan
Date of Birth: February 9th, 2015
Puppies: 3
Color: RED
Coats: wavy fleece to a little curl
Size: medium
Australian Labradoodle puppies
Rivermist Labradoodles Announces the SO cute puppies of:
Dam: Rivermist Autumn
Sire: Rivermist Lil Chase
Birth date: February 1st, 2015
Puppies: 7 total
              4 boys
              3 girls
Colors: Reds Most with white markings.
Size: Mini Under 20 pounds
Coats: Wavy fleece to a little curl.
Ausralian Labradoodle Puppies Rivermist Labradoodles announces

Dam: Rivermist Peyton
Sire: Rivermist Lil Chase
Date: 1-20-2015
Puppies: 6 total
3 boys
3 girls
Color: Red to apricot with so CUTE white markings!
Size: mini
Coats: Fleece wavy to a little curl


Connie 509-427-4810
Australian Labradoodle Puppies


Rufus and Velma’s litter!


 Sire: Good Day’s Rufus

 Dam: Ausm’s Velma

 Date of Birth: 01/12/2015

 Number of Puppies: 7 total - 4 males, 3 females

 Coat Type: Fleece

 Colors: Chocolate and Cream

 Size: Standard


Puppies from this litter will be ready to go home beginning March 9, 2015


Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Lucky Country's Beginnings first litter!
  Sire: Good Day Doodles Rufus
 Dam: Lucky Country's Beginnings ALCA 168-03262013-002-LB1
  Date of Birth: 01/11/2015
 Number of Puppies: 9- 6 males, 3 females
 Coat Type: All fleece
 Colors: Chocolate and Cream
 Size: Standard, Large Standard
Puppies from this litter will be ready to go home between March 8th and 15th, 2015
Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Jubilee announces Windy's first litter.


Sire PineLodge Fletcher

Dam Cactus Flower Windy

Birth Date 1-3-15

Puppies 3 Boys 4 Girls

Colors apricot, carmel & choc

Coats wavy fleece

Size mini/sm med


Rick and Carla Walker



phone 517-467-6811

Australian labradoodle puppies
Announces the birth of the final litter for Story's Coco Bean!

Sire: Berkshire Hills Casanova
Dam: Story's Coco Bean
Birth Date: 12/30/2014
Puppies: 4 Girls, 3 Boys
Color: Dark Caramel, Caramel, Chocolate and Cream
Coats: Wavy Fleece
Size: Mediums and Standards

phone: (812) 639-9130
Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Cove Lake Labradoodles is excited to announce the birth of Bella's beautiful puppies.

Dam:  Swinging Gate's Bella
Sire:  Whispering Wind's Augie Doggie
Born:  December 27, 2014
Puppies:  6 Total (3 boys, 3 girls)
1 Chocolate
1 Black with white markings
4 Cream Apricot
Coats:  Wavy Fleece
Size:  Small to medium

For puppy information, please contact Dodie at  You may also call (828)712-0561.
Australian Labradoodle Puppies West Coast Australian Labradoodles
Sire: Berkshire Hills Kit Carson
Dam: West Coast Katie Has Country Charm
Born: December 21, 2014
Puppies: 5 Chocolate male,
4 Chocolate females
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Wavy/Curly Fleece
Size: Lg. Medium to Standard

West Coast Australian Labradoodles puppies are prepared to be therapy dogs the day they are born. They also make wonderful loving companion dogs. We offer extended training and customized training for your needs. Your puppy can be trained to be a Therapy dog with certificate.
Australian Labradoodle Rivermist Labradoodles announces Sierra Rose's certified Australian puppies

Dam: Sierra Rose
Sire: SunValley Brennan
Born: December 20th, 2014
Puppies:4 total
1 girl
3 boys
Color: Dark RED
Coats: Wavy Fleece
Size: Mini to Medium

Connie 509-427-4810
Australian Labradoodle Puppies Rivermist Labradoodles announces the so cute puppies of Keelin's

Sire: Rivermist Hayes
Dam: Rivermist Keelin
Date: 12-19-2014
Puppies: 7 total
3 girls
4 boys
Coats: Fleece
Size: mini 15 to under 30 pounds
Color: reds to apricot with cute white markings
blaze,paws, chest, tip of the tail and chest

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Jubilee announces Daisy's first litter.


Sire Primetimes Sweet Bubba Brown

Dam Jubilee Daisy

Birth Date 12-17-14

Puppies 5 Boys 1 Girl

Colors cream, apricot, black & choc with white markings & choc parti

Coats loose wavy & curly fleece

Size medium


Rick and Carla Walker



phone 517-467-6811

Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Calypso Breeze Australian Labradoodles announces:

Sire:  Acadian’s Jacques Pepin
Dam:  Pine Lodge Her Name Is Rio
Born:  12/11/2014
Puppies:  8 totoal:  5 girls, 3 boys
Size:  Miniature/ Small Medium
Color:  Cream, Apricot, Chocolate & White, Apricot & White
Coat:  Wavy Fleece

Australian Labradoodle Puppies Rivermist Labradoodles announces Dawson's puppies

Dam: Rivermist Dawson
Sire: Rivermist Reece
Born: 12-10-2014
Puppies: 7 total
6 boys
1 girl
Color: apricot/red with cute white markings
Size: 20 to 30 plus pounds
Coats: wavy fleece to some curl
Availability in the litter.

Connie 509-427-4810
Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Aspen Leaf announces 6 mini-to-medium puppies!   
ALCA Certified and Registered # 129-12092014-014-L
DOB Dec. 9, 2014 
6 puppies, 5 females, 1 male (he's been adopted)
All will have wavy to very wavy fleece coats.
Please contact Amy Murphy to inquire about available girl puppies.
www.AspenLeafLabradoodles, or
Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Calypso Breeze Australian Labradoodles
is thrilled to announce:

Dam:  Calypso Breeze Piece of My Heart “Joplin"
Sire:  Berkshire Hills Casanova
Born:  12/1/2014
Puppies:  7 Puppies ~ 4 males, 3 females
Colors:  Apricot, Caramel and Cream
Coat:  Wavy Fleece
Sizes:  Large Medium/ Small Standard

Australian Labradoodle

Sire: Heartsong Chances Are
Dam: Heartsong Layla’s Flame
DOB: 11/28/2014
Puppies 3
Girls: 2
Boy: 1
Coats: Fleece
Colors: Caramel and chocolate
Size: medium
Australian Labradoodle

Camden Lane Labradoodles announces Mollie’s litter!!


Dam: Swinging Gate Mollie     

Sire: Gorgeous Doodles Charmer Togi

Birthdate: 11/23/14

Puppies: 5 total

3 girls, 2 boys

Colors: Chocolate and Apricot   

Size: 20-28 pounds

Coats: Wavy Fleece


Cheree Gardner

Australian Labradoodle
Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles 
in Southern California welcomes 

Born November 17, 2014
Dam : Country's Godiva Chocolate
Sire : Coulee's Goliath
3 Girls
5 Boys
Large Medium and Standards 45-60 lbs
Gorgeous Chocolate Wavy Fleece Coats