New Litter Announcements

The litters will appear in order of date of birth with the newest to the top of the page.  The listing will run for approximately 90 days from the date of birth but is not an indication of the availability of any litter puppies listed.  Return often for updates and new announcements.

Lucky Country Labradoodles is thrilled to announce:


Sire: Big Rocks Winchester

Dam: Lucky Country’s Chosen One

Birth: March 14, 2018/ Go Home May 12, 2018

Puppies: 7 Males & 3 Females

Colors: Cream, Parchment, Chocolate, & Caramel

Coats: All Fleece

Size: Standard to Large Standard 60-80lbs





Clear Water Labradoodles present!

  • Sire: Swinging Gate Murfy

  • Dam: Swinging Gate Sonãdor

  • Born: March 11, 2018

  • go home May 6, 2018

  • Puppies: 4 males 2 females

  • Size: Mini   

  • Color: chocolate,  black, & caramel

Contact: Janet 501-270-0145 or

Lucky Country Australian Labradoodles Would like to announce:

Sire: Southern Charm Captain America of Tampa Bay

Dam: Lucky Country’s Royal Charlotte

Birth: March 8, 2018

Puppies: 6 Males & 3 Females

Color: Chocolate

Coat Type: Fleece

Size: Standard lbs to Large Standard


Carolina Labradoodles announces:
Sire:  Hales Smooth Criminal aka “Dozer”
Dam:  Shadow Mountain’s Annie Oakley 
Birthdate:  March 5, 2018
Puppies:  6 males, 2 females
Colors:  cream, black, chocolate, red, apricot, and caramel 
Size: medium 
Coats:  wavy fleece 
phone:  704-221-0010
Green Gables Labradoodles Announces:
Sire: Green Gables Sir Beauregard Atticus
Dam: Green Gables Caramel Cappuccino
Birth Date: March 5, 2018
Puppies: 5 Males & 2 Females
Colors: Caramel, Cream, Chocolate 
Size: Standards 
Coats: Wavy Fleece
Ph# 864-230-9465
Calypso Breeze Australian Labradoodles announces:

Sire: Tampa Bay's Dreaming of a Jaguar
         (owned by Lakewood Labradoodles)
Dam: Calypso Breeze Maggie Mae
Date of Birth: 02/08/2018
Puppies: 9 female, 2 male
Size: Standard, Large Medium
Colors: Light Caramel, Caramel, Caramel Red
Coat type: Wavy Fleece


Kings Lane Labradoodles Announces:

Sire:  Whispering Winds Augie Doggie

Dam:  Swinging Gate Bella

Birth Date: February 2, 2018

Puppies:  3 Boys & 2 Girls

Size: Mini

Color:  Apricot & Red

Coats: Wavy Fleece & Curly



Please contact us for availability.

Jubilee Labradoodles Announces:
Sire: Jubilee Walker
Dam: Jubilee Snickers
Birth Date: January 29, 2018
ALCA grading: Cert/A6
Puppies: 6 Male & 4 Female
Colors: Red, Apricot, Black, Chocolate with wt & parti 
Size: Minis 
Coats: Wavy Fleece
ph# 517 902 9808
Agape Paws Labradoodles Announces:
Sire: Dreamweaver’s Aiden
(Owned by Rosewood Labradoodles)
Dame: Agape Paws Kora Belle
Birth Date: January 12, 2018
Total of 2 puppies. 1 Male & 1 Female
Colors: Chocolate & Caramel
Size: Mediums 
Coats: Wavy Fleece
Bunji Australian Labradoodles:

Sire: Bainbridge's Gonna Need a Bigger Boat "Toby"
Dam: Bainbridge's Syrupy Sweet "Waffles"
Born: January 8, 2018
Puppies:  3 Boys / 6 Girls
Colors: Caramel
Coat: Fleece
Size: Small Medium
616-520-8960 (Jen)
Agape Paws Labradoodles Announces the 3rd litter between:
Sire: Agape Paws Olaf
Dame: Rosewood Olivia
Birth Date: January 6, 2018
Total of 11 puppies. 8 Males & 3 Females
Colors: Chocolate & Cream
Size: Medium & Standard 
Coats: Wavy Fleece
Sunset Trails Australian Labradoodles is Happy to Announce:
Sire: Jubilee Arnold
Dam: Sunset Trails Annie
Date of Birth: January 4, 2018
Puppies: 7 Total,
          6 Boys and 1 Girl
Size: Small Medium
Colour: Red, Apricot and Red Parti
Coats: Wavy Fleece
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416-695-0035

Please email or call for availability.

High Country Labradoodles Announces:

Sire: Country’s Harley

Dam: Pine Lodge Willamette Queen (Butter)

Birth Date: 12/28/17

Puppies: 12 total

4 boy

8 girls

Size: Small standards

Color: Chocolate and Cream

Coats: Wavy fleece



Bayside Labradoodles LLC Announces!

Sire: Mystic Toby
Dam: Whispering Winds Caroline
Born: December 27th, 2017
Puppies: 8 total (5 Males & 3 Females)

Colors: Cream, Apricot, & Apricot/Red

Coat: Fleece

Size: Miniature & Small Medium

Ready To Go Home End of February!

Located in Poulsbo, WA



High Country Labradoodles Announces:

Sire: PineLodge Finn

Dam: Country’s Lily

Birth Date: 12/19/17

Puppies: 10 total

6 boy

4 girls

Size: Large minis

Color: Apricot and creams

Coats: Wavy fleece




Bayside Labradoodles LLC Announces!

Sire: Yankee Doodle Harrison
Dam: Whispering Winds Oreolla
Born: December 19th, 2017
Puppies: 9 total (5 Males & 4 Females)

Colors: Black & White Parti's and Apricot Parti

Coat: Fleece

Size: Miniature

Ready To Go Home for Valentines!

Located in Poulsbo, WA




Clear Water Labradoodles 


​Sire: ​Swinging Gate Murfy

​Dam: ​Clear Water Hollywood

​D.O.B.: ​12/07/2017

​# Puppies: ​7 total

​4 Boys / 3 Girls
Size: ​Mini

​Color: ​Tri Phantom, caramel & black parti factor

​Coats: ​Wavy Fleece


Janet 501-270*0145


Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles Announces:

​Pine Lodge Hanky Panky
​Pine Lodge Chloe Belle

​# Puppies
​14 total
​5 Boys
  / 9
 : Large 
​Mini/Small Medium
Apricot and Red
​Wavy Fleece


Clear Water Labradoodles Announces:

​Sire :  ​Swinging Gate Murfy

​Dam :  ​Clear Water Shooting Star

​D.O.B. : ​12/18/2017

​# Puppies : ​7 total

​1 Boy  / 3  Girls
Size : ​Mini

​Color : Cream,apricot, parti

​Coats : ​Wavy & Curly Fleece

​email :
Janet 501-270*0145