Stud Dog Gallery

Swinging Gate’s Doc Holliday

ALCA Registration # 132-08162017-051-LD1

DOB: 8/16/2017

Weight: 27lbs

Height: 17 Inches

Color: White/Caramel Parti

OFA: Hips Good 

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF: Normal

PRA: Clear Via Parentage

vWB: Clear via Parentage

IC: Clear by PPG

EIC: Clear by PPG

Sire: Swinging Gate Cooper

Dam: Rolling Meadows Izzie Blume

Breeder: Jenny Blume

Owner: Danielle Borozinski

Excellent square conformation, wonderful temperament



Bestland’s Anchors Aweigh "Chief"

ALCA Registration # 188-05042017-019-LD2

 DOB 04 May 2017

Weight: 39 Pounds

Height: 19 Inches

Color: Caramel with White Tuxedo

OFA: Hips Good 

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF: Normal

PRA: Clear Via Parentage

vWB: Clear via Parentage

Sire:  Green Gables Optimus Prime

Dam: Berkshire Hills Cara Mel

Breeder: Marcela Best

Owner: Aron Galvan


Australian Labradoodle

Swinging Gate's CocoaBleu 
A.L.C.A. Registration # 132-12182013-031-LD1
DOB 12/18/13
Weight 27 Pounds
Height 17 inches
Color: Chocolate
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Clear
PRA: Clear by parentage
vWB: Clear
Sire: Whispering Winds Auggie Doggie
Dam: Swinging Gate's Annie
Breeder: Jenny Cranfill
Owner: Tina Overton

Australian Labradoodle
Jubilee Surfing with Mavericks
ALCA #: 145-05252015-232-LD
DOB: 05/25/15
Weight 27 pounds
OFA Test for Hips: Good
OFA Test for Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear
IC: Clear
DM: Clear
EIC: Clear
vWD: Clear
Color: Red/Apricot
Sire: Jubilee Walker
Dam: Jubilee Rosalyn
Breeder: Carla and Rick Walker
Calm temperament and super friendly to all.
Owner: Jessica Gardener-Avalos and Nelson Guthrie
Labradoodle Story Tails
Australian Labradoodle

Swinging Gate Dolce
ALCA #: 132-01182015-029-LD1
Australian Labradoodle A4/ Certified
DOB: 01/18/15
Weight 28 pounds
OFA Test for Hips: Good
OFA Test for Elbows: Normal
CERF: Passed
PRA: Clear by Parentage
Color: Cream/ Apricot
Sire: Swinging Gate Cooper
Dam: Swinging Gate Izzy
Breeder: Jenny Blume
Ready to please personality and most loving temperament. Excellent with my three young children. Amazing teddy bear face and soft wavy fleece coat.

Owner: Lori Brown
Wagging Tail Australian Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle

Mystic Toby

ALCA Reg #: 249-08132012-002-D

DOB: 8/13/2012

Australian Labradoodle

Grading: A4/Certified

Chalk  (carries for party)

Wavy fleece: feels like a silky sherpa blanket

Medium: 17" at shoulder & 28 lbs

Proven Stud

OFA Heart: Normal

OFA Elbow: Normal

OFA Patella: Normal

OFA Hip: Fair

PRA Clear

Breeder: Cheris Curry 360-865-1710
Owner: Jerry & Sharon Jones, 360-779-4767
Pondside Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle
Story Tails Fabio
ALCA - 131-01172014-012-LD2
DOB: 1-17-2014
Mini 17" 20 lbs
Coat: Wavy Fleece
IC Carrier
PRA clear by parentage
CERF Normal
OFA prelim Hips "Excellent"
OFA Elbows Normal
vWD Clear/Normal
Freshly Chilled or Live
Sire: Puppy Love's Fonzie
Dam: Story's Dharma

Australian Labradoodle

Ashford Manor's Anakin
ALCA Reg.# 131-06102013-013-D
Medium 18" at the shoulders
PRA-type B
Passing CERF's
OFA score of Good on Hips & Elbows, Dr. Wallace- Excellent
PennHip 70% (.40 & .43)
Thyroid T4 normal
Centronuclear Myopathy-clear
Exercise Induced Collapse-clear
Myotubular Myopathy 1-clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizures-clear
Degenerative Myelopathy-clear
Familial Nephropathy-clear
Glycogen Storage Disease VII-clear
Von Willebrand's Disease Type 1-clear

DOB: 06/10/2013
Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan
Dam: Ashford Manor Angel

Australian Labradoodle

Green Gables Sir Optimus Prime

ALCA- C091-11132013-020-LD1
Australian Labradoodle A4 Certified

Sire- Swinging Gate Cooper
Dam- Green Gables Lil Missy Rylee of SSPB
DOB -11/13/2013
Color-Cream bbee
Coat- Wavy fleece Soft
Size- Standard  19 inches 49 pounds
Hips-Penn Hip 80%
Elbows- Normal
Owner- Marcela and Jeremy

Bestland Australian Labradoodles


Australian Labradoodle Desert Winds Bailey's Irish Cream
ALCA 165-01062013-001-LD1
Australian Labradoodle A3 Certified

Sire- Highlands Mighty Quinn
Dam- Rivermist Jackie's Brooke
DOB -1-6-13
Color-Caramel (carries for parti) bbee
Coat- Wavy fleece
Size- Medium 19 inches 33 pounds
Hips-Dr. Wallace- Good
Elbows- Normal
PRA-Cleared by parentage

Owner- Mark and Karen Stanford 727-641-6059
Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle
Fern Ridge Harry Winston
ALCA #: 172-09182013-007-D
DOB: 9-20-13
Australian Labradoodle
Wavy fleece  Apricot Bbee
Mini- 16"- 20lbs.
OFA : Hips Good
OFA: Elbows Normal
CERF: Normal
vWB : Clear
DM: Clear
PRA: Clear
Sire: Alpen Ridge Another Good Story
Dam: Vinton Valley Girl of FernRidge
Owner: Debbie Young
FernRidge Labradoodles, LLC.
Australian Labradoodle Manor Lake Debonaire
ALCA registration C061-05232007-038-D

Dam Avonless Cheyenne
Sire  Aladdin's Joey
Breeder  Kim Kochman
Coat   Chocolate (lavender)  Fleece
Size   17 inches 32 lbs
DOB   5/23/2007
OFA  Hips          Good (final)
OFA  Elbows      Normal
OFA  Patella       Normal
OFA  Cardiac      Normal
Thyroid               Normal
Cerf                    Normal
vWD                   Normal
Proven                consistently beautiful, 
                          healthy, smart puppies 
                          many therapy certified offspring

Fresh chilled, frozen and live cover 
Owner                 Charl Beauchat
760 771 3633

Australian Labradoodle Country The Voice "Usher"
ALCA Reg. No.: C088-05202013-041-D
DOB: 5/20/13
Sire: Seaspray Sir Radley
Dam: Country Carousel 
Australian Labradoodle A4 Certified
Chocolate Fleece Coat (carries for cream)
Standard- 22" &  55 lbs.
Breeder - Country Labradoodles
OFA Hips Excellent
PennHIP 80th %ile; DI L: 0.42, R: 0.39
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Eye clearance Normal
PRA - Clear by Parentage
Improper Coat (IC) Normal 

Owner- Elizabeth Ferris 805 467 2689
Country Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle
Mills Creeks Cause for Applause
DOB: 01/04/2011
Sire: Mill Creeks Denzel Washington
Dam: Shakira,Rattle and Roll
Breeder: Sandra Regan
Dark Black non-shedding fleece
Mobility Service Dog
Canine Good Citizen
Proven coat corrector
18"- 38 lbs.
CERF: normal
OFA Hips final: Good
OFA elbows: normal
vWB: clear
PRA: clear
Cardiac: normal
Live cover, frozen, chilled.
Owner: Debbie Young
 FernRidgeLabradoodles, LLC
Australian Labradoodle

Southern States Giovanni “Geo”

ALCA Registration # 203-03262013-005-D

Australian Labradoodle

D.O.B:  03/26/2013

Caramel Curly Fleece (eebb)

17", 20 lbs.

Proven Stud, Throws dark reds

Sire: Acadian Jacques Pepin

Dam:  Aladdin’s Anticipation


OFA Hips:  Good

OFA Elbows:  Normal

CERF:  Passed

PRA:  Negative

vWD:  Negative

OFA Cardiac:  Normal

OFA Patellae:  Normal


Owner:  Jeana Bigelow

Blue Ridge Labradoodles, SC


Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle


Registraion #:  C023-07222012-012-LD1

D.O.B:  7/22/2012

Australian Labradoodle

Caramel Wavy Fleece Coat

Standard, 22"  and 55 lbs.

Proven Stud

Breeder:  Suzanne Goodwin/ Berkshire HIlls

Dr. Wallace prelim Hips and Elbows:  Good

CERF: passed: slight iris to iris PPM in one eye

PRA: clear by parentage

Owner:  Jerry Van Deilen

Calypso Breeze Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle
Rutlands Baby Joey
ALCA Reg. No.: 155-05192003-006-D
DOB: 5/19/03 
Australian Labradoodle
Chocolate/Lavender Fleece Coat (carries for cream)
Standard- 22" &  60 lbs.
Proven Stud including many offspring with good health
Breeder - Rutland Manor
OFA Hips/Elbows (2012) - Good/Normal
PennHIP 80th %ile; DI L: 0.43, R: 0.42 (2012)
CERF - Normal
PRA - Clear by Optigen 
Cardiac Normal
Patellas Normal
Thyroid Dr.Jean Dodds Normal
Improper Coat (IC) Normal
Semen Evaluation 85% Motility 06/2014
Frozen semen Available only
Owner- Elizabeth Ferris
805 467 2689
Country Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle
Rivermist Romeo
ALCA Reg. No. : C067-10910201 1-00'l-D
DOB October 11, 2010
Australian Labradoodle
Apricot Parti Fleece Coat (eebb)
Mini – 16” & 18 lb
Proven Stud (throws reds)
Breeder – Rivermist Labradoodles
OFA Hips/Elbows – Good/Normal
CERF - Normal
PRA – Clear by paretage

Owner- Jeana Bigelow
Blue Ridge Labradoodles, SC
Australian Labradoodle stud

Highland's Mighty Quinn

ALCA Reg# 165-09252010-001-D

Sire: Whispering Winds Highlands Blaze

Dam: Primetime's Good Golly Miss Molly

DOB: 9/25/2010

Color: Caramel and Cream (bbee)

Coat: Wavy fleece

Size: 17", Small-Medium, 24 lbs.

Hips: OFA Finals: Good

Hips: PennHip: 90th Percentile

Left 0.37, Right 0.32

Elbows: OFA Finals: Normal

Patellae: OFA Normal

Cadiac: OFA Normal

Thyroid: OFA Normal.

CERF: Normal

PRA: Clear (Tested)

vWD: Clear (Tested)

DM: Clear

DNA Profiled

Owner: Tracy Wynn

Desert Winds Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle
Tampa Bay's Latte' Macchiato aka: Hershey
ALCA Reg# CO42-07082011-022-LD1
Sire: Country Rocket Man
Dam: Tampa Bay's Little Touch of Heaven
DOB: 7/8/2011
Color: Chocolate/White Parti
Coat: Wavy Fleece
Size: 18"; Medium 30-35lbs.
Dr. Wallace: Good Hips
Elbow: Normal
Patella: Normal
CERF: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage
Cardiac: Normal
Owner: Mark & Karen Stanford
Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles,llc
Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle Pine Lodge Mr. Magoo at Calypso Breeze
ALCA Reg. No. 174-06132011-003-D
A3I-P3 Australian Labradoodle
Sire: Rivermist Sawyer
Dam: Pine Lodge's Willow
D.O.B. 06/13/2011
Color: Caramel and White Parti
DNA Coat Color: bbee
Coat: Spiral Fleece
Size: Small Standard 21" and 45 lbs
OFA and Dr. Wallace: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
PRA: Clear by Parentage
CERF: Normal

Owner: Brenda Van Deilen
Calypso Breeze Australian Labradoodles

GorgeousDoodles Gold Sky Skyler in Tabernash

ALCA -#C060-04172011-031-D  Sire: GorgeousDoodles Mt. Jeffery Jefferson

Dam: GorgeousDoodles Opal Annie

DOB: 4/17/11

Color: Cream / Gold

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: standard 45 lbs


OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF: Normal

PRA: Clear

Owner: Melanie Ann Derwey
Australian Labradoodle Heartsong Chances Are ~ Chance
ALCA Reg. No. C011-05312007-021-LD1
Australian Labradoodle, A4
Sire: Tegan Park Neptune
Dam: Sunset Hills Irish Rose
Color: Cream
Size: Medium
PennHIP L .65 R .50
OFA/Dr. Wallace Good/Excellent
Elbow: Normal
Patella: Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear
OFA Thyroid: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
Available via frozen semen only.
Owner: Bonnie Patrick

Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle Cole Morning Smile Unforgettable "Cole"
ALCA Reg. No. C011-04092007-027-D
DOB 04/09/2007
Australian Labradoodle, A3I-P2
Color: Apricot
Size: Medium
Hip Score: PH: L .37 R .42
Elbows: Normal
Patella: Normal
PRA: Normal
CERF: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal
Owner: Bonnie Patrick

Swinging Gate Whispering Winds Augie Doggie
ALCA Reg. No. C00l-08192009-044-LD2
DOB August 19, 2009
Australian Labradoodle A4
OFA Hip Test: Good
Elbows: Negative L/R
PRA: Normal
Proven Stud
Coat type: Fleece
Color: Cream/Apricot
Sire: Primetime's Buster Brown
Dam: Whispering Winds Emma
Breeder - Gail Widman

Owner - Jenny Blume
Swinging Gate Labradoodles

Swing Gate Labradoodles 
Capt Jack Sparrow Log Cabins Captain Jack Sparrow
ALCA Reg. No. C082-02092006-001-D
DOB February 9, 2006
Australian Labradoodle  A2I-3
Fleece Coat
OFA - Hips Good
OFA - Elbows Negative
CERF - Normal
Sire: Rutland's Woody
Dam: Primetimes Reba McEndoodle
Owner - Marisa Giarnella-Porco
Nutmeg Labradoodles

Capt Jack


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