Welcome to the Australian Labradoodle Club of America!

Outlined below are our Breeder Requirements, process for registering, fees and other information that you will need.  Please read through everything carefully, our hope is that you will enjoy many years as a member in good standing with the ALCA.  (All requirements for membership have an asterisk, anything else is a recommendation.)

Before reading further, there are 3 basic requirements you need to know about before starting this process. 

                You must own at least one, intact, registered Australian Labradoodle to apply for membership. 
                Your ALCA Breeder Membership will not be processed until you have a registered ALD, so do both applications at the same time. 
                All ALDs must be bred to ALDs.
                All ALCA Breeders must have an accessible website for their program. 


So you are now ready to register your dog(s).  What are the requirements?

First of all, there are dogs that are NOT eligible to be Registered with the ALCA, those include:
                 First or Second Generation, also known as F1, F2, or F2B
                 Merle-coated Labradoodles
                 A Labradoodle with a new infusion of ANY breed
                 Wheaton Infusions, or "Cobberdogs"

After determining that your dog can be registered, here are the next steps:

                *1) Choose your Breeding Kennel Name.  As you make your decision on what to name your
               program, check the ALCA Breeder's list.  You may not have a Kennel name that contains all or a
               portion of any words in another Breeder's Kennel Name:  for example, if there is a Kennel name
              "Climbing Vine Cottage Labradoodles", you cannot include Climbing, Vine or Cottage. 

                *2) Go to the ALCA website, click on the Applications tab and choose New Breeder/Kennel
                Name application, that fee is $70.00 USD.  Fill the application out and submit that plus fee.

                *3) All ALD breeding stock must be registered.  To do so, go to the "Applications" tab on our
               website, choose Dog Registration, fill out one for each dog being registered, and submit that
               form.  Fee is $30.00 USD per dog.  *Important info on your Breeding Dog's Name:  That must
               include the Whelping Breeder's Kennel Name as the prefix, ie: "Climbing Vine Cottage's Sparky.

                *4) Go to the "Links" tab, open, read, sign and submit the Code of Ethics.   

                *5) Scan and email the following documents to the ALCA Registrar at  

                - A signed pedigree for your dog(s) from the original owner. If dog is already registered
                with the ALCA, submit a Transfer of Ownership form along with the $10 Transfer  fee.
                 Note, ALCA is not affiliated with the ALAA, and does not accept ALAA pedigrees for any reason. 
                - If your dog came from an ALCA Breeder Member, you will have received a Litter Registration paper at the time of purchase.  You

                    must have this filled out and signed by the whelping breeder and yourself, and emailed to the Registrar.
                - In addition, your dog(s) must have passed the following required tests, and those passing test results must be submitted to the Registrar.   


Those health tests include:  

For all dogs registered after February 1, 2019:

Clear by parentage is no longer accepted for any testing for dogs registered after 2/1/2019.



Hip and Elbow Testing (OFA, eVet Diagnostics, PennHIP, or AVA accepted)

OFA Companion Animal Eye Exam

OFA Patellar Luxation (Form available on OFA website @ )

OFA Congenital Cardiac (Form available on OFA website @ )

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (prcd/PRA) (Optigen or Paw Print Genetics accepted)

Degenerative Myelopathy

Exercise-Induced Collapse

Von Willebrand Disease

Improper Coat/Furnishings


Along with health testing you must include:
          A copy of your puppy sale contract and guarantee, which includes a 24-month (minimum) health warranty.
          A copy of your puppy care instructions that you provide to puppy families


       *Important!  All of the health tests must be taken and passed BEFORE the breeding of any dog. 

Once all the applications, fees, pedigrees and paperwork are submitted, the Registrar will contact you with your official welcome to the ALCA! 

You are now a Breeder Member!  Your dog(s) are registered, your website is up and running with your ALCA logo, and you are planning your first litter.  Congratulations!  But where do you go from here? 

ALCA Litter Requirements

                -  *Breeders must strictly adhere to the grading system established by the ALCA.
                    (Effective 1/1/2011, no new infusions are accepted)
                -  *All ALDs must be bred to ALDs.
                -  *Anyone providing stud service must demonstrate the knowledge to do so. 
Recommendations: for protection of a stud dog -when possible, a male dog should have a natural breeding prior to AI. 

Suggested breeding age: Dams under 18" are not bred before 13 months of age, over 18" are not bred before 16 months of age.

                - *The Dam of the litter must be previously registered with the ALCA.
                - * The Sire of the litter does not need to be registered, but all health clearances must be
               submitted to the Registrar, and the Sire must meet pedigree requirements for ALCA
                - * Every litter is required to be registered within 30 days of whelp date.  A late registration will
              incur a late fee of $20.00.  Go to "Application" tab, fill out Litter Registration and submit that
              with your payment.
                - *ALCA litter registration number must be displayed next to the photo of your litter as soon as
              you receive the number from the Registrar.
                - *If you don't advertise your litters on your site, you must still list the litter registration number
              on your "Puppy" page.
                - *The individual puppy’s registration paper must be provided to the new family.

ALCA requires that spay/neuter all pups that are sold as companion family members, allowing for exception where the breeder agrees to work under contract with the pet buyer to have a time limit of 6 months of age for spay/neuter and documentation provided by the vet surgeon confirming that the pet has been spay/neutered within the time frame allowed under contract. Upon receipt of such documentation, breeder will then provide the pet owner with documents, including pedigree and registration form.

ALCA has made the early spay/neuter requirement as a necessary step to provide for the firm future of the Australian Labradoodle.  It is also in the interest of each breeder member to protect their breeding program.  By requiring that all pets are spay/neutered prior to breeding age, we eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancies and unwanted and unregistered offspring.

 .   In the event puppy is not spay/neutered prior to leaving the breeder's facility, the breeder must provide a contract stating the spay or neuter surgery must be completed no later than the pet reaching six months of age.  As part of the contract. breeder will furnish document for verification of spay/neuter.  This confirmation form becomes a part of your contract and is available by request - just send an email to and we will promptly get this to you.  The new owner must give the vet providing the spay/neuter surgery the confirmation form which verifies the date of surgery.  This form must be returned to the breeder by the vet, at which time the breeder will furnish the new owner with transfer of ownership documents and pedigree for their records.  Pet puppies may not be registered by the new owner until such time as the spay/neuter takes place and is documented.  Breeder must maintain the signed form in their records and submit to ALCA upon request.


Website Requirements

There are certain items you need to have displayed on your site.  Breeder member sites are regularly monitored to ensure compliance.  This helps us all contribute to the high standards of excellence to which we hold our breeders, and our club. 

                -*All photos shown on your website must belong to you, or you must have written permission
               from the owner to display the photo on your website with acknowledgement such as "photo
               courtesy of Long Ago Labradoodles".
               - *All breeding dogs must be pictured on your site with their registered name in full, including
               whelping breeder's prefix, along with the ALCA registration number or the ALCA Certified
               Australian Labradoodle logo provided for qualifying dogs.  Any dog not eligible for ALCA
               registration must show "Does not qualify for registration due to____"; clearly stating the reason
               on your site.
                - *If a breeding dog is not old enough to have received and passed the required health testing,
               and therefore is not yet registered, you must display "Registration pending upon completion
               and passing of health testing" next to the dog's photo.
               - *All litters should be pictured, along with their litter registration number, or "ALCA registration
               pending”.  Even if the litters are not pictured on your site, the registration numbers must be
               listed on your "Puppy" page as soon as they are received from the Registrar.
              - *Only the current year's ALCA logo must be displayed; no logos from previous years
              can remain on your site.  Any outdated logos must be removed as soon as the current one
              is received.   

The Board of Directors warmly welcomes you!  If you have questions for us at any time, please see the Board Members’ page for contact information. We are glad to help and hope you enjoy your association with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America.